Weekly Playboy Obama Issue

The latest edition of Japan’s Weeky Playboy magazine has an article about US President Barack Obama. The current issue is being advertised on trains, and a picture of Obama is in the ad, along with pictures of the women that are featured inside the men’s magazine.

The article about US President Obama says Japan will experience change too. The article description states the three top issues of Japan-US relations: (1) US policy toward North Korea and China and US Secretary of State nominee Hillary Clinton’s persistent criticisms of Japan; (2) The US financial bailout to the Big 3 automakers and the possibilty of "Obama bonds" – US Treasuries being issued in yen. (The story headline in the magazine: "Give Me Japan Money!") (3) The role of Japan’s Self Defense forces in Afghanistan and in the war on terror.
Weekly Playboy in Japan Obama issueSunday Mainichi magazine Obama Japan


News Week Japan January 2009 Obama innaugurationInside Weekly Playboy - 100 yen cold convenience store foods.Other articles in the Weekly Playboy January issue: The 2009 AV Top 50 Guide; Hanaki (wearing) taboo bikini; cloned wagyu beef; and 100-yen cold food convenience store report.

Lets Japan believes that although Weekly Playboy contains images of naked women, Japanese men buy the magazine for the articles.

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