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Dragon Soldier law wrestles Yuiga inTokyoDSL Dragon Soldier Law Japanese ring performer in TokyoHere in Japan one can work in maid cafes, or butler cafes, participate in cosplay, or be a "freeter" and work some days. One could become a hikikomori and never leave home, or be a NEET with no plan at all.


I discovered another activity: Professional Ring Performer.

PRPs wrestle, act, sing, tell stories and jokes. "Dragon Soldier Law" is a PRP.

Wrestling is the focus of a PRP event, with time set aside for the performer’s other bits. DSL takes his name from his pro wrestling idol, "Dragon Soldier B" (aka Kendo KaShin, aka Tokimitsu Ishizawa who is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter outside Japan, and in Japan is a MMA fighter and a pro wrestler.)

On weekends and holidays, DSL, 34, is usually on the lineup at a Asakusa Fight Club a tiny event room in Asakusa, Tokyo. He has also performed in Osaka and Nagoya. Male and female PRPs might compete against each other. Matches last 30 minutes maximum and are declared a draw if no one has lost sooner. Dragon might fight 10 wrestlers in 2 hours. Tickets cost JPY 2000. DSL receives less than JPY 10000 per event.

Asakusa Fight Club event spaceDragon Solider Law is treated for injuries outside the ringWeekdays, DSL is a company employee – he asked me not to mention his real name or the name of his employer, although his coworkers know about his weekend activities. He endures his injuries quietly. His worst injury so far has been a fractured heel. That happened when he jumped from the top rope onto Mini Cat and they landed on the floor outside the ring. DSL has also wrestled Wolf Star and Baka To-No. DSL lost a match to Yuiga, a female wrestler.

Driving with his wife on vacation in September 2005, Dragon blurted out suddenly "I’m going to be a wrestler November twenty-third." "That’s a good idea," his wife replied. After the vacation, DSL went to a health club for the first time, and took an aerobics class. DSL, a fan of American and Japanese pro wrestling since high school, wrestles because he enjoys hearing the cheers of the fans.

Dragon Soldier Law gets bloodied in the wrestling ring in JapanDragon is a Kanagawa-ken native, and lives in my Tokyo neighborhood. He is married to Moriko Minamino a film reviewer for some Japan-based websites. Moriko attends Dragon’s shows twice a year. Asked what she thinks when she sees blood on her husband she said "I like blood".

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