Ugly Mascot = Valuable Free Publicity

Sento-Kun mascot characterGreat Gazoo Poses For Sento-Kun IllustrationIs Former 1960’s TV Cartoon Character Sento-kun?

Alien and former TV star The Great Gazoo seems to have been the inspiration for Nara city’s new mascot Sento-kun.

Gazoo appeared as himself in a minor role on the popular American TV cartoon The Flintstones final season in 1965. Except for the occasional cameo in recent years, Gazoo has shunned media attention.

The Sento-kun character was revealed in February this year. Sento-kun was created for the 1,300th anniversary of the Nara Heijo-kyo capital. The mascot was widely criticized as being “not cute”.

But the negative response has resulted in extensive free publicity. The value of the free coverage is estimated at 13 million yen, according to a report from Osaka Prefectural University’s School of Economics.

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