Train Transit Card Tracks Kids and Tells Parents

PASMO IC wireless card sends emails to parents in Japan. An IC card security system that tracks kids is being offered by Tokyu Land Corp.
Homeowners who purchase a Tokyo Security home security service plan have the option to enable the Tokyu Kids Security system. Tokyu has partnered with PASMO Co. which issues rechargeable contactless PASMO IC smartcards for rail and bus systems in Japan.

Tokyu Security IC card reader for children's security inJapan. With the child security function enabled, when the child uses the PASMO card to enter a train station, an email is automatically sent to sent to pre-registered addresses. The email indicates the location and the text says "passed over the entrance". The Tokyu Security website depicts the child using the IC card at stations, school, and after school at cram school. Tokyu sells the colorful Tokyu Kids Security PASMO card readers.

Tokyu Security IC contactless card tracks kid's whereabouts in Japan.
Condo security system uses contactless card to send email to parents. Some new offices and residential buildings constructed by Tokyu utilize the PASMO security system at the building entrance. The card is used as a key to enter entrance and lobby areas and the owner’s front door. If a condo owner purchases the optional Kids Security plan, the "passed over the entrance" email is automatically sent to pre-registered addresses when the child uses the card to enter or exit the building. The Kids Security plan costs JPY 525 per month in addition to the cost of the basic residential security plan.

Branz City Denen Hills condo in Tokyo uses Tokyu Kids Security systemTokyu Security children's protection plan inJapan.
Tokyu’s Branz City Denen Hills condominium in Machida City near Tokyo is one of the new buildings utilizing the the PASMO security system. Existing buildings can be retrofitted at the entrances to enable the PASMO IC card security system.

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