Top 10 Reasons to Come To Japan (in the movies)

Two little runaways in Japan starring John Provost

How To Get Characters to Japan in Fiction Films

10) The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift  (2006)
Undisciplined teenager in US is sent by mother to live with his ex-military father in Tokyo, and gets involved in automobile drift racing.

(9) Escapade in Japan (1957)
Plane to Japan ditches in sea off Japanese coast. Young American boy wanders away from the passengers, is picked up by a Japanese fisherman and taken to his town.  (Stars John Provost , the kid from the Lassie TV show)

(8) Wasabi (2001)
French cop spent some time in Japan 19 years earlier, goes back to Japan  to handle the official proving of a will of his wife who disappeared shortly after they married. 

(7) Into the Sun (2005)
Former CIA agent raised in Japan goes back to Japan to find killer of mayor of Tokyo.

(6) Lost In Translation (2003)
Cheerless American film actor goes to Tokyo to film Suntory liquor TV commercial. Befriends the young wife of a visiting photographer and together they explore Tokyo.

Robert Mitchum in The Yakuza movieTom Selleck Mr.Baseball Chunichi Dragons Japan
(5) The Yakuza (1974)
American man goes to Japan to rescue his friend’s child who has been kidnapped by a yakuza boss .

(4) Black Rain (1989)
Two New York cops sent to Japan to apprehend and bring to the US a Japanese mobster who escaped a first extradition attempt at an airport in New York. The cops join up with a Japanese detective in Osaka to find the yakuza.

(3) Mr. Baseball  (1992)
Headstrong New York Yankees baseball player gets traded to Chunichi Dragons, resists Japanese customs, takes bath  with Japanese woman.

(2) The Bad News Bears Go to Japan (1978)
American Little League baseball team goes to Japan for a match against the country’s best little league baseball team. (Yokota Air Force Base American kids in movie)

Bad news bears in JapanBadSteven Seagal Japan into the Sun

(1) You Only Live Twice (1967)
James Bond 007, Japanese agent Kissy Suzuki, and a lot of Ninja, attack SPECTRE headquarters inside  a volcano in Japan.

Mie Hama Japanese James Bond 007 girlAkiko Wakabayashi Japanese James Bond 007 girlYou Only Live Twice Japan

You Only Live Twice JapanNinja and volcanoe James Bond You OnlyLive twice

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