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Tipsy Heater Does Not Fall Down

The egg-shaped Tipsy electric room heater cannot fall down. If kicked, it rocks like a bop bag inflatable punching bag and returns to an upright position.   Most heaters have an automatic power-off function that engages when the heater is not upright. After the heater turns off, it needs to be manually restarted.   The

Hospitals Cause of Emergency Room Rejection Betting Odds

Doctor busy extracting Prime Minister Aso’s foot from Aso’s mouth …..2:1 Doctor napping on emergency room bed….4:1 Victim’s screams of pain in ambulance below official decibel reading for hospital admittance….5:1 Ineligible emergency according to Japan government’s My Big Book of Officially Approved Emergencies….6:1 Paramedic not the tenth caller. Hang up and try again……..8:1Doctors busy watching

Homes to Homeless: Closet, Internet Cafe, Restaurant

The Blue Shield The one-man shelters that many of Japan’s homeless construct from heavy blue tarpaulins can be found in parks, under bridges, and along river banks. An April 2007 Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare report shows there are 4,213 homeless in Tokyo’s 23 wards, and about 18,500 homeless nationwide. The country has