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Automakers Cops Conflicts

Opposite Directions Decreasing auto sales in Japan, combined with new laws targeting elderly drivers and other efforts to prevent pensioners from driving, are making it more difficult for auto manufacturers facing a different demographic future. Newsweek reports automobile sales in Japan have been declining steadily over time. It says aside from minicars and luxury foreign

Elderly Fighting Mad

Prisons Plan for Geriatric Perpetrators Age: 80Gender:M Crime: punched, hurled souvenirs and sandwiches at shinkansen conductor Age: 65Gender:M Crime: attacked son with hammer then accidentally stabbed himself and died Age: 87Gender:M Crime: strangled 82-year-old bed-ridden wife Age: 67Gender:F Crime: stabbed her 76-year-old husband in murder attempt Age: 69Gender:M Crime: murdered, buried 74-year-old woman LetsJapan has