Summer Time To Tattoo Hide

The fear that people who have a tattoo are associated with yakuza (Japanese mobsters) persists. Tattooed bodies can be bad for business, so onsens, private pools, sento community baths, water parks and places where shirts come off and shorts are worn either ban tattooed people from entry, or require them to stay covered-up.

Stars and Stripes reports US service members who are adorned with tattoos are displeased. Of five facilities contacted by Stars and Stripes only Tobu Zoo Park allows entry to those with tattoos, but only when the tattoos are kept concealed.

Sign informs bath visitors of tattoo ban.

Tatto prohibted sign at Japanese bath.No tattoos allowed at this Japanese spa

Onsen spas and local communal baths also prefer to prohibit entry to persons emblazoned with tattoos.

Tattoed man ban in Japan

no tattoos warning: Fujikyu Highland;  Tokyo Summerland (E) (J, Korean, Chinese); Toshimaen; Yomiuriland; Laqua;  Dekapathos; Chiba Greenery Dept. Pool; Seibu Yuenchi Pool; MobilityLand Adventure Pools

photos: montages LJ; signs  Left Shoulder; One XTwo X; Three scenes

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