Stores Front Full Size Figures

Cui-daore Taro the restaurant clown.The life-size mechanical clown mascot in front of the landmark Cui-daore restaurant in Osaka since 1950 retired July 8 when the business closed it’s doors for the final time.

The restaurant had been popular with tourists because of Cui-daore Taro, the bespectacled drum-beating clown, and its novel menu.

Taro is not the only life-size figure for Japan storefronts.

Tatsuo Umemiya Tatsuo-chan plastic life-size figure, Japan.Large pickled nasu eggplant photo illustration.

This celebrity, Tatsuo Umemiya, created a plastic replica of himself for placement in front of his pickled vegetable (tsukemono) stores, probably because a giant pickled eggplant did not appear inviting.

Big Boy plastic mascot in front, Japan.Sato-chan, mascot sato-seiyaku pharmaceuticals, Japan.
Orange and pink Sato-chan’s guard drug stores.

Colonel Sanders in Japan has a large wardrobe. This outlet in Akihabara has the colonel dressed up for cosplay.

KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders cosplay, Tokyo, Japan.KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders gray yukata, Tokyo, Japan.KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders, Tokyo, Japan.

Peko chan Sato drug company mascot, Japan. Kero-chan Kowa pharmaceutical, company mascot, Japan.Inflatable full-size sex toy doll Japan.Realistic full-size sex toy doll Japan.

Peko-chan (kimono), Kero-chan (green). Lifelike goods are also available for home use.

photos: Taro; Umemiya; Big Boy; Sato-chan; KFC cosplay; KFC yukata; KFC white; Peko-chan; Kero-chan; blow-up doll; foam doll.

Huge eggplant photo illustration by LetsJapan.

companies: Sato-chan, Sato; Kero-chan, Kowa; KFC; Peko-chan, Fujiya confectioner; Big Boy; Umemiya.


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