Stop Idling For 10 Years Campaign

Stop engine idling campaign in Tokyo, JapanTaxi drivers in Sendai, Japan asked to turn off engines and stop diling.


Engines Off While Waiting
A campaign to get drivers to stop idling car engines has been underway for more than ten years in Japan. The Japan Ministry Of Environment started the effort in June 1997. Large quantities of "stop idling" stickers were distributed by the Environment office, to be posted on trucks and taxis. The agency also provide information about the effects of idling to concerned industry asscociations and local governments. Tokyo and Osaka have city ordinances that prohibit vehicle engine idling when parked.

Stop vehicle engine idling local efforts in Japanese cities.Idle-Stop Devices Increasing Aftermarket devices that stop engine idling automatically are available now in Japan. Vehicle engine idle stopping devices are intended to cut air pollution, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, and contribute to the effort to reduce global warming. The idle-stop systems also enable energy conservation and noise pollution reduction.

The sleek control box of the M-K Japan ITS-1200/2400 idle stopping unit perches on the steering column and retails for about JPY 57000.

The less-elegant EcoStarter dash-mounted idling-stopping button and installed box offered by Ecomotion retails for about JPY 40000.
M-K Japan ITS 1200/2400 engine idle stop device.MK Japan ITS 1200/2400 engine idling stopping unitEcho Starter idle stop device in Japan.

Some Toyota Motor Corp. automobile models have had a built-in "idling stop system" since 2003, including the 1300-cc Vitz model. The Honda Motor Co. Insight and the Civic Hybrid, and the Daihatsu Motor Co. Mira-V cars have idle-cutoff devices. Some trucks and buses manufactured by Hino Motors Ltd.,Isuzu Motors Ltd., and Nissan Diesel Motor Co. also have integrated no-idle systems. Mazda will introduce its Smart Idling Stop System on the 2009 Axela model.

Wet tissue gift promotes engine idle stop in JapanOsaka, Japan engine stop idle campaign.Non idling public transit bus in Japan.


Gifu, Japan stop engine idling campaign. related: We can do SMART DRIVE from today IDLING STOP ; Japanese Government To Promote Idling Stop Drive CampaignIdling drivers.
photos: Wet tissue; key off; bus; Setagaya; Gifu; Osaka; Sendai.



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