Stolen Panties Popular With Men

Deliveryman Plucks Panties from Packages Osaka – A Sagawa Express driver admitted to stealing womens underwear from five parcels he delivered. The 30-year-old man has been fired and faces charges. SOURCE Taxman Takes Pair of Panties Hamamatsu – A tax collector from the Hamamatsu Municipal Government delivered a tax past-due notice to a woman at her home and stole a pair of her panties while there. The man, 62, admits he took the undies. He faces robbery charges. Police suspect the man may have committed further crimes and are continuing to investigate him. SOURCE Policeman Pockets Panties Tachikawa – A 27-year-old sergeant and member of the Tokyo police riot squad was arrested for stealing a young womans panties. Thieves panty collection Police say he climbed onto a first-floor apartment veranda, opened a window, and sneaked into the womans apartment. Dozens of women’s undies were found scattered around on the ground outside the apartment. SOURCE Teacher Nicks Former Student’s Knickers Osaka – A teacher at a prestigious private school in Osaka was arrested for stealing four pairs of a former students panties from the womans home.The teacher reached into the open window of the 20-year-old’s home and grabbed the lingerie from a hanger. A neighbor chased and caught him, and held the teacher until the police arrived.The teacher, 52, admits he stole the intimates. He said he’d taught the woman when she was younger, and when he found himself in the area of his former pupils home, he suddenly felt a longing for her, which made him take the undergarments. SOURCE What makes panties so appealing to Japanese men?panty-on-model-mix.jpgMODEL

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