Squeeze Tube Food

Snoopy peanut and choco whip in Japan.

If it’s soft and edible, it’s available in a plastic squeezable tube in Japan. A squeeze-tube is the perfect delivery method for Snoopy Choco Whip. But would you normally expect these other items to be sold in soft plastic squeeze-it-out containers?

Toast spreads and other flavorings in Japan.

Lard sour cream Japan

Condensed milk and flavorings in a tube in Japan.

Sesame and butter in a plastic bottle tube in Japan.Emergency food chocolate in a tube choco Japanese.


Snow Brand lard; margarine; condensed milk.  Youki products. Kewpie toast spreads; milk whip; Snoopy whips.  Sudo jams. Milk jam. Sour creamTube choco.

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