SMAP’s Nude Tsuyoshi Police Questioning Leaked

Sexy police squad makes singer squeal Tsuyoshi questioned by mini skirt police for public indecency in Japan

 (April 24, 2009) – A Japanese pop singer who was arrested for public indecency after being found drunk and naked in a Tokyo park has apologised for his "shameful" conduct.
"I drank a lot and did not know what I was doing," Tsuyoshi Kusanagi said on Friday after being released by police."I deeply apologise to fans for causing so much trouble and worry," he added.
Kusanagi, 34, shot to fame as a member of 1980s boy band SMAP. He has not been charged for the incident, which took place in the early hours of Thursday. At the time of his arrest, Kusanagi was allegedly sitting on the grass, undressed and heavily intoxicated. (BBC)

Transcript of Tsuyoshi Kusanagi interrogation, April 23, 2009

Police 1: What is your name?
Tsuyoshi: (unintelligble)
Police 2: It is Tsuyoshi Kusanagi desu ne?
Tsu: Su-ma.. Ssmpu.. tsu yoda (unintelligible)
Police 3: Why were you in the park at 3 a.m.?
Tsu: Park?
Pol 2: Why were you in the park at 3 a.m.!
Tsu: Which park?
Pol 1: Hinokicho Park!
Tsu: He is famous Korean actor? Hah?
Pol 2: Why were you naked?
Tsu: Drunk… (unintelligible)
Pol 1: Where do you live?
Pol 2: What is you address?
Pol 3: What is your mother’s maiden name?
Tsu: Cabagin onegaishimasu.
Pol 1: You will tell us!
Pol 2: We can make you talk!
(SMAP’s 2003 hit song Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" is heard.)
Tsu: No! No!
Pol 1: What did you drink before going to the park?
Pol 2: Where did you drink?
Pol 3: With whom?
Tsu: Sake! Beer! Shochuuuu! Yokoso! (weeps)
Pol: You are being charged with infractions 110-A-Section 2 (i)(v) "Resisting arrest while nude" and 119-B-Section 7(ii)(d) "Theft of police property."
Tsu: Eh?
Pol: You took our blue tarpaulin!
Tsu: I was cold.
Pol 1: How much did you drink?
Pol 2: How long where you naked?
Tsu: Long…?
Pol 3: Turn up the music! (music volume increases)
Tsu: Stop! Help help!
Pol 1: Ahahahaha!
Pol 2: Now what do you have to say?
Tsu: Change your TV to digital before April 2011!

–End of transcript–

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