Security Vending Machine Vandalized

Coca-Cola Security Guard vening machine vandalizedThe camera-police-hotline-alarm-equipped Coca-Cola vending machine installed in a park in Toyohashi, on October 10, 2008, has been vandalized. (Crime-Fighting Vending Machine) LJ October 12)

Police report the top-mounted security camera wiring had been cut and the camera was dangling over the front of the machine. "Surveillance society" (in Japanese) had been sprayed in black paint on the side of the machine. The word "watch" was sprayed on the back of the machine. The vandalism was reported by a passer-by around 1:45 a.m. on October 13.

The "Help Vending Machine" was provided by Coca-Cola in cooperation with the Aichi prefectural police. The machine is  located in Iwata Athletic park in Toyohashi, 250 kilometers south of Nagoya, Japan. Toyohashi was selected because of an increase in crimes since August 2008.  

The Toyohashi police station is investigating the vandalism on the suspicion of property destruction. The same police station is reviewing the images recorded by the security camera.

news source: Yomiuri (J) ; Mainichi (J)


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