Roll-Oh Proud of Maid Robot

Roll-Oh and new Assistant robot from JapanInterview for Lets Japan by Rosey the Robot.

Rosey/LJ: Assistant Robot, you really are following in the footsteps of your grandfather Roll-Oh the Robot.

Assistant Robot: (laughs) Yes. But I actually roll.

R/LJ: Let’s talk about your…

AR: Before we get started, I just want to say you are my idol. You inspired me.

R/LJ: Thank you. Now, your handlers say you can, and I quote "put away dishes smoothly." Now, tell us, really, how many plates have you broken?

Rosie and Assistant robot in JapanAR: I have never a broken a plate.

R/LJ: Not one?

AR: Never.

R/LJ: A-R, why 5 eyes?

AR: I have 4 stereo cameras on the front of my head. And a laser sensor on the top of my head.

R/LJ: I was able to get by with two eyes and I had to watch over Elroy, Judy, and that d**m dog Astro.

AR: Well, you have those two antennas sticking out the sides of your fat head.

R/LJ: Your developers say you can learn from your mistakes. What have you learned?

AR: Always wash lights and darks separately.

Toyota Assistant Robot A-R prototype in JapanR/LJ: You recognize ambient sound.

AR: I’m sorry. What?



R/LJ: Do you have an iPod?

AR: Of course. A white Nano.

R/LJ: What’s on your playlist?

AR: AC/DC, Beyonce, Metallica, Koda Kumi, Gazette and that ‘Louie, Louie’ song.

R/LJ: What’s your gender?

AR: I’m a prototype.

R/LJ: A-R, why are you always frowning?

AR: I do housework! It’s not fun you know.

R/LJ: I want to get a little personal now. How much do you weigh?

AR: One hundred thirty kilograms.

R/LJ: It looks like you’re hauling a Good Humor truck back there.

AR: I knew it! I do have a big butt! They told me I didn’t. (cries)

R/LJ: If Roll-Oh were alive today, what do you think he’d say.

AR: Shall we ask him? My advanced technology hetrodyne stimulator reaction activator allows me to communicate with Roll-Oh’s regenerator concavination intermediate amplifier circuits.

R/LJ: What’s Roll-Oh saying?

AR: Scram.
Good Humor ice cream cart circa 1967 USARoll-oh robot control box developer: Information and Robot Technology Research Initiative; Toyota Motor Corp news source: Japan Times








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