Quiet You’re Bugged

Bugging devicesHidden microphones and cameras are increasingly being used for corporate spying in Japan.

The Daily Yomiuri reports competition has lead to increased snooping.

And many Japanese companies are not sufficiently protected.

So who ya gonna call?

Japan Information Leak Control

Well information leak control officers at the Tokyo-based, non-profit, Japan Information Leak Control Management (JILCoM) will check for hidden devices.

Bugging devices can be bought for 30,000 yen to 80,000 yen in Akihabara, Tokyo, or Nipponbashi, Osaka.

Other companies that offer bug inspections: NEC Facilities, Ltd. in Tokyo and NTT-Neomeit in Osaka.

Hidden manbag camera


Nippon Express Company’s moving services division began offering bug sweeps in January 2008, because many firms have their new offices inspected when they relocate.

Images: Top, Perfect Security ; bottom, Wireless Tsukamoto

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