Pre-Party Powder Packet Provides Alcohol Consumption Comfort

Cabagin from KOWA pre-eating natural otc remedy.


Drink-In New Year With Cabbage-In
Anticipating a long night of drinking and eating but afraid an upset stomach will cut your night short? A little packet of powder from Japan might maximize your enjoyment.

Shin Kyabe 2 is one of three gastrointestinal products in the "Kyabe" lineup from  KOWA Pharmaceuticals. Shin Kyabe 2 (Shin Cabba 2) is a powdered OTC stomach antacid and its instructions indicate it is to be taken prior to eating.

KOWA marketing material includes information stating that Shin Kyabe 2 allows women to enjoy dining out with friends and be able to enjoy delicious meals without the stress caused by an upset stomach.

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KOWA says its research shows that because of the trends of women delaying marriage and a reliance on takeout food since the bubble economy, the number of women in their twenties and thirties drinking alcohol more often has dramatically increased. It’s data indicates an unbalanced diet combined with increased alcohol consumption causes women to experience unpleasant stomach symptoms more often.

Cabagin-S for upset stomach debuted in Japan in 1960. KOWA’s Cabagin products contain the natural ingredient cabagin, which is found in cabbages. Shin Kyabe 2: 20 packets, about JPY 1100; 32 packets about JPY 1600.

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