Pizza Price Up With Apologies

Flier Dominos Pizza BoxDomino’s Pizza apologizes for price increases with a flier attached to it’s pizza boxes (left). It states that due to the worldwide cost increases of flour, cheese and oil, Dominos suddenly had to raise prices. Except these three pizzas will remain at the old price.

Kentucky Fried Chicken apologizes for a 20-yen per piece increase. Mr. Donut, a 10 to 20-yen per doughnut increase

Maruha kamaboko is up 10 to 15 percent. Snow Brand cheese and butter, a 6 to 11 percent increase.

Ampontan blog lists other price hikes. MOS Burger apologizes for raising prices. (Japanese, pdf), and so does Koiwa Dairy (Japanese)

KFC Kentucky FriedChicken Price IncreasePrice Increase Apology Dominos
Price increase banner on
Domino’s website.

List of other recent price rises.

Price increase chart (pdf).

KFC price increases.

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