Photo for Funeral Before You’re Gone

Have an eternalphoto prepared before you die in JapanFuneral-services providers are offering photography services so you’ll have a decent photo to display at your funeral ceremony. Photography studios are also targeting the new funeral-photo market.

A headshot of the deceased is usually on display at the start of funeral ceremonies in Japan. A different photo of the deceased – often a wedding photo – is displayed when the bereaved express condolences.


Kinoshita Inc operates 16 funeral parlors in Fukuoka and Saga prefectures. "Photos are shown at funerals to recall the deceased. If a variety of photos are displayed, participants in the funerals can recognize their personal characters more deeply," Masaru Ishikawa, 56, an executive of the company, told the Asahi Shimbun.


Photograph for Japan funeral before you get a disease
Translation: You have a higher risk of contracting disease as you reach old age. Or contracting a severe illness. You will lose teeth and your face will change. We welcome you to take a vibrant photo at age sixty, in your favorite style. For example, people who like golf can wear golf clothes. Kimono-lovers can wear kimono. And people who like to cook could wear one of their favorite aprons.

Funeral service homes in Japan offer portrait photo to elderly This photo studio advises taking a picture every 5 years until age forty, and then every 2-3 years after forty, in order to have an up-to-date photo if you die.


Terukazu Mori, 46, representative director of Kumamoto Resident Funerals, said, "If you prepare the photo (in advance), you can enjoy your remaining life without worry. Taking the photo is one of the things you should do for that purpose."


Photographers offer funeral photos for Japanese funeral. Take a picture before you die in Japan for your ceremony.
These suggest you have a picture taken so survivors don’t have to search for a good picture after you’re dead.

Posing for funeral photo in Japan.Photographer offers custom painted portrait photo for Japanese funeral.
Photographer makes composite photo of couple for funeral
photos: Eternal photoblue kimono; Ikeda Shashinkan; couple; gray suit.

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