Palm Size Karaoke Targets Teens

Takara-Tomy Hi-Kara karaoke player for kids Hi Kara karaoke cube with LCD screen for kids Japan

The new Hi-Kara handheld cube from Takara-Tomy is designed to make the popular karaoke singing activity more easily available to teens and kids in Japan. Two headphone-mics can connect to the device, and plug-in music cartridges provide the lyrics that are displayed on the LCD screen. Users hear the music and their own voice in the headphones. A USB terminal connects to a computer to download music to the cartridge from the Hi-Kara music website. About 3500 songs are available so far. The device can also be connected to a TV. Other options included speakers and an AC power adapter for the unit, and a standalone mic for a TV or the cube. The Hi-Kara will be available outside Japan in 2009. Hi-Kara, headset mic and downloader terminal: JPY 12600; cartridge: 10-song capacity, JPY 2100, 20-song, JPY 3675; downloader terminal: JPY 3150; standalone mic: JPY 3500; AC adapter: 3150. Size: (W)70×(H)70×(D)70mm. Weight: 150 grams.via: IT Media; Mycom.

Big Echo karaoke box in Gotanda, Tokyo, JapanA karaoke box room in Japan

Big Echo, Gotanda, Tokyo; Purple karaoke room

Karaoke Collection – a brief photo history

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Kids plastic karaoke sing-a-long mic in Japan

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