Padnote iPad Look-a-Like Paper Notepad

Padnote paper memo pad copies Apple iPad Apple iPad Japan


Memo pad of paper similar to iPadA sketch pad with a cover that looks like an Apple iPad is being sold by a company run by students at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture.

The "Padnote" is a pad of drawing paper. Each page has gridlines and a wide gray border.

Tokyu Hands
department stores nationwide have been selling the pad of paper since June. The company that created the iPad-of-paper – Gocco – has sold 2,000 pads by the end of July. Major grocery stores have begun selling the Padnote.

Gocco also plans to release a memo pad that looks like an Apple iPhone.

The Padnote retails for JPY 735.

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