No Disaster? Get Free Gift!

Disaster Hotel getaway Plan Voucher brochure1-2Stay at hotel after a natural disaster and save!

A merchant association in Toda, Saitama Prefecture, is selling memberships in a kind of disaster getaway package.

Buyers choose an inn or hotel in advance, and, if the Disaster Relief Law goes into effect in the city, members will be provided accommodation up to 300,000 yen in value. The vouchers can be used at lodging in 14 locations around Japan. The annual membership fee costs 10,500 yen for a family of five, and that includes transportation.

And if nothing happens during the one-year membership? You get a free gift! Direct from one of the evacuation area regions. A 3,000 yen value.

Disaster Hotel getaway Plan Voucher brochure-3

Disaster Hotel getaway Plan Voucher brochure-4Choice of Gifts After One year Without DisasterBread in a can- canned pan
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