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press pass japaneseA suspect in a crime is identified by name, and employer or occupation, but other people arrested for similar crimes are called only “company employees”( whatever that means.)

In Japan, it seems the employer and occupation are revealed for anyone in a media-related occupation, who is caught driving while intoxicated, or peeping under skirts, or for similar crimes, while the employers of others (excluding celebrities or well-known figures) are not.

Nihon Shinbun Kyokai Canon of Journalism states in part:

Member newspapers should pay utmost respect to the dignity of human beings, put a high value on individuals’ honor and give serious consideration to their right to privacy.

Media outlets in Japan are quick to point out crimes allegedly committed by employees of competing media outlets.

In my opinion, the occupation or employer of people alleged to have committed a crime, should not be reported, unless there is a direct connection to the alleged crime, such as someone accused of embezzlement. In most cases, naming the employer or the occupation of a person who has allegedly committed a crime, is irrelevant.

Some examples for comparison (from English-language media)


Japan – occupations or employers of suspect included

“A 46-year-old deputy editor of Kyodo News was arrested Monday on suspicion of attacking a man and a police officer in a parking lot of the condominium building where he lives…”( Kyodo News April 6, 2008)

“A doctor has been arrested on suspicion of assault for allegedly losing his temper and striking a ticket inspector in the face when asked to show his ticket…” ( The Yomiuri Shimbun March 17, 2008)

mainichi newspaper logo

But no occupation here:

“A man who fatally beat a 61-year-old resident after the victim told him off for talking on his cell phone on a bus has been arrested and faces charges, law enforcers say.” (Mainichi Daily News March 29, 2008)

Other countries – occupations or employers of suspect not included

“Police say a Lakeland man is facing animal abuse charges after allegedly punching one of the Tampa Police Department’s horses. Officers say 24-year-old …” (Fox News Tampa Bay, Florida, April 7, 2008)

“A man who failed his road test was busted for assaulting three DMV workers, authorities said yesterday…” (New York Post, April 9, 2008

“A Sydney man will face court accused of assaulting New South Wales Lands Minister Tony Kelly outside NSW Parliament House this morning. The 36-year-old man allegedly pushed Mr Kelly …” (The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Australia, April 10, 2008)


Japan – occupations or employers of suspect included

“A drunk photographer at Kyodo News has been arrested for kicking a police officer at his Tokyo apartment complex…” (Mainichi Daily News, April 8, 2008)

But in this story, an occupation is not given.

“A middle-aged man has been arrested after crashing his bicycle into a parked car while riding drunk…” (Mainichi Daily News, March 10, 2008)

Other countries – occupations or employers of suspect not included

“A driver who sped off after backing into the patrol car of an officer who pulled him over was caught nearby, determined to be driving under the influence …” ( The Mercury News, San Jose CA, April 1, 2008)

“Police say a 63-year-old man from Bracken Ridge in Brisbane’s north-east has returned a blood alcohol reading seven times above the legal limit.” (ABC News, Australia , April 9, 2008)

law books JapanSexual Crimes

Japan – occupations or employers of suspect included

“An Asahi Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) employee has been indicted for exposing his private parts to a female crew member on a bullet train earlier this month, prosecutors said…” (Mainichi Daily News , March 11, 2008.)

“Hakuhodo ad men arrested for knocking out, molesting woman. Two employees of major advertising agency Hakuhodo Inc. were arrested Wednesday for molesting a woman …” (Mainichi Daily News, March 5, 2008)

“A Hokkaido Shimbun reporter has been charged with indecent assault for molesting a female hotel worker in a toilet last month..”(Mainichi Daily News, February 23, 2008)

Other countries – occupations or employers of suspect not included

“A man has been charged over the sexual assault of a woman on an early morning train on the NSW south coast. ” (Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia, April 2, 2008)

“A Peeping Tom attached a mirror to the end of a piece of wood to spy on his next-door neighbour as she undressed, a court heard yesterday.” ( Media Wales Newspapers, March 19, 2008)

“…police said they arrested a man accused of sitting in a woman’s back yard and peering into her window, all while eating a burrito…” (NBC-TV 5, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, September 2007)

“Police arrested a 28-year-old Fort Collins man for allegedly exposing himself to women along the Spring Creek Trail…” (9 News, Denver, Colorado, March 1, 2008)


Japan – occupations or employers of suspect included

“A Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper delivery man has been arrested for stealing women’s underwear at a coin-operated laundry here…” (Mainichi Daily News April 8, 2008)

Other countries – occupations or employers of suspect not included

“The authorities on Easter Island have detained a Finnish tourist on suspicion of trying to steal an earlobe of one of the world-famous moai stone statues.”( BBC News, March 26, 2008)

“COLFAX, Washington – A man is facing a sentence of one-and-a-half months after admitting he stole 93 pounds of women’s undergarments.” (MSN/AP, January 22, 2008)

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