Mixed Bath Ladies Steaming Mad

Sukayu Hot Springs Resort Sign 1

Bathing Gapers Sneak Peeks

Mixed bathing at a 320-year-old hot spring is being jeopardized by naked male bathers who stare at the nude females in the onsen. The 260-square-meter bath area at the Sukayu Hot Spring Resort does not have a wall to separate the men’s and women’s sections. Due to recent complaints from female bathers, members of the newly-formed Protect Mixed Bathing Association are encouraging visitors to follow the "no staring" rule. news source Sukayu Hot Springs Divider Sign 1

suyaku-manner-man.jpgSukayu Hot Springs Resort 1 photos: No Staring; Men’s and Women’s sides ; Mainichi; Sukayu Mixed Bath More reading: Sukayu Onsen Ryokan ; Onsen guide ; more Sukayu photos; How To Onsen

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