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Japanese women relax naked in onsen spa meister approved. Rice meister master Japan

In addition to the experts you can expect expect to find in Japan – such as  "rice meisters" – enterprises in many other fields are offering original in-house qualification courses. Employees attend courses in order to obtain "meister" certification. Local governments, business and trade associations, organizations, private extended learning and continuing education schools are also offering meister courses in various fields.

  Curry meister study book Japan How to be eco driver in Japan

Curry Meister – Learn the history of curry, spice characteristics and curry communication. Junior and Senior certificates.

Eco Drive Meister – Become expert in environmentally friendly fuel-efficient driving. Best for businesses with more than 50 vehicles. How to Kyoto.

Eco Meister – Courses and certifications offered by individual prefectural and city governments. Learn about the environment, garbage-related problems, recycling, global warming. Akita ecomeister.

Seasoning and food diploma Japanese meister Many Japanese spices and sauces.Japanese Food Meister – How to treat only the ingredient of harmony, how to cut only the dish of harmony, how to boil the fire, and how to apply it and how to dish up the taste. Also known as Washoku.

Japanese Seasoning Meister – Become well-versed in seasonal seasonings and talk about charm of seasoning happily and plainly.

Delicious kelp seaweed konbu served in Japan. Okonomiyaki  pancake-like dish served in Japan

Konbu MeisterKelp is filled with the spirit of ecology, and is the ultimate eco-food, according to the Konbu Meister. Learn how to get the most out of your seaweed.

Awamori Okinawa sake liquor alcohol Japan

Girls and women nude in onsen spa Japan Okinawa Liquor Meister – Official Okinawa Prefecture Awamori distilled rice liquor expert certification.

Okonomiyaki Meister – The qualification levels: Instructor, Coordinator and Meister. What is Okonomiyaki?

Onsen Meister – Learn hot spring hygiene management, the benefits of hot springs, effective bathing methods, and thermal physiology. Japanese spa is called onsen.

Coffee kohi meister in Japan Coffee expert meister diploma pin Japan


Coffee Meister – The professional coffee man can propose rich coffee life to the customer based on the acquisition of deeper knowledge and the basic technique to coffee.

Chef displays ika meister diploma in Japan Ika squid promote meister master chef course in Japan

Ika Meister – All about squid processing, marketing, production, distribution and nutrition. Ika Meisters in Hakodate list.

Vegetable and fruiti meister lesson class Japan Vegetable and fruit meister works in supermarket Japan

Raw Food Meister – Learn the most effective raw food for diet, skin healthy skin, and to improve health. Do you want to live for the life in the future?

Vegetable & Fruit Meister – Qualification recognizes the specialist well versed in fruit and vegetable characteristics, nourishment, and materials to dish up. Also known as " Vegetable Sommelier".

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