Mcdonald’s Retro Ad Bewitched Lookalike

Mcdonald's Japan TV commercial resembles USA TV classic Bewitched


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A new Mcdonald’s TV commercial depicts a 1960’s American scenario that seems to be featuring the witch Samantha from the TV show Bewitched. In the ad, "Samantha" serves a single Quarter Pounder Bacon & BBQ burger to a birthday party consisting of 6 kids. Her husband "Darren" and another woman (possibly nosey neighbor Gladys Kravitz) watches the fun. Everyone claps when the burger is served.


Samantha Stevens Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched in Mcdonalds Japan TV commercial

The character of Samantha Stevens was played by Elizabeth Montgomery and Bewitched was broadcast in the USA from 1964- 1972. The Bewitched TV showed aired in Japan as "Okusama wa Majo" from 1966-1970 and reruns are currently broadcast twice a week on Japan’s public TV channel NHK. A Japanese version of Bewitched was aired in 2004 on TBS-TV.

1978 Mcdonald’s Japan TV Commercial

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