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Razor Ramon’s secret TV show 1 year anniversary
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The entertainer known as "Hard Gay", who dominated the TV airwaves in 2005 and 2006 then dropped off the popular-TV-talent lists has been hiding out on a late-night sex-talk TV program since April 2008. In this reincarnation, the comedian and pro wrestler still wears his Village People-inspired biker costume but has retired the Hard Gay moniker and now goes by his real name Masaki Sumitani on the TV program "Konya mo Hasuru" (literal: Tonite the hustle again). The phrase "Konya mo hasuru" can mean "recently I got a girlfriend", or colloquially "a lot of sex."

Yinling of Joy Toy on Hard Gay TV programSumitani shares hosting duties with Yinling of Joytoy. (No, he is not actually gay. Yes, he has performed stereotypical depictions of gay men. No, she is not Japanese – she is from Taiwan. Yes, she has idol videos and photo books for sale.)

The hour-long "A Lot of Sex" show is broadcast at various times in early Saturday or Sunday mornings on several channels in Japan.

One segment of the program features a different adult video actress actress each week. She sits on a bed in a love hotel that is a sponsor of the program. The talent is interviewed about sex and her skills. Video clips of her scenes are shown – inappropriate parts are obscured.

Lets Japan likes Konya mo Hasuru because it might signal the return of partially naked women on terrestrial broadcast stations. We yearn for the days of programs such as Gil Gamesh Night, and Tonight 2 which featured the former porn actress and author the late Ai iijima.
Konya Mo Hustle Japanese AV idol demonstratesKonya Mo Hustle Hard Gay Tv show Japanese AV model poses for photographerKonya Mo Hustle Japanese AV actress strips inlove hotel


Bikini girls host Konya Mo haseru with Hard Gay Bikini girl hosts of Konya Mo Hustle photos from blog Scantily clad girls host Konya Mo haseru Hustle with Hard Gay on Japanese TV

timetable: Saturday 1:00 a.m. Chiba TV; Saturday 2:00 a.m. TV Saitama); Sunday 3:05 a.m. TVK Ch. 42 (Tokyo-Yokohama); Sunday 1:25 a.m. KBS (Kyoto); Sunday 2:25 a.m. TVN (Nara).

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