Lost Pets Don’t Phone Home


People can avoid publicizing their personal phone number when searching for a missing pet by using a new pet phone number from NTT. Called Wan Nyumber*, the service consists of a tag that has a unique telephone number printed on it. The finder of the lost pet calls the number, which is answered by NTT, who has the pet owner’s information that is assigned to the phone number. NTT contacts the pet owner.

The round tags are customizable with more than 100 designs. Wan Nyumber advertising promotes protection from nuisance calls if a personal phone number is used on tags or "lost" posters, and that the Wan Nyumber data is easier to update than replacing an embedded pet ID microchip.

The service costs JPY 525 per month.


*"Wan wan", the sound of a barking dog; "Nya nya, the sound a cat makes.



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