Let’s Bible Double Issue

One man. One beautiful woman. One Vulcan, a demon and a peon.

Square Enix Let’s Bible 02

This is a two-part story by the creators of Shin Angyo Onshi: Youn In-Wan and Yang Kyung-Il. Vulcan Markovic lives in a small fishing village in Croatia. He has only two things on his mind–designer goods and losing his virginity. When an indescribably beautiful girl shows up asking for directions to Heaven’s Gate, Vulcan takes his first step into "thrilling world-salvation action!!" Synopsis from MyAnimeList: lets-bible-scene-1a.jpgSquare Enix Let’s Bible Scene 02

Let’s Bible forum discussion: ChristianComics.net. Two chapters can be downloaded here Let’s Bible-part1[ETC].zip and here Let’s Bible-part2[ETC].zip. Download links via: Anizeen.com

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