Jellied Sauce Has Special Space in New Nonstick Natto Pack

NattoNatto standard package


Now natto lovers can access their fermented beans without having to pull off the usual troublesome plastic film that always sticks to the food. Mitsukan’s Kin No Tsubu brand of natto is in nonstick packaging that eliminates the need for a film layer separating the natto from the inside of the lid. The pouch of tare sauce that is usually included with the natto has been replaced with a a blob of jellied sauce.

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Diners no longer have to struggle to tear open a sauce packet. The polystyrene tray package is divided into two compartments – one for the natto and the other for the jellied sauce. The sauce can be picked up with chopsticks and dissolves when mixed into the natto. Mitsukan says the new package was created in response to complaints about the difficulty of opening the sauce pouch without spilling the contents, and that the process of removing the film spreads long sticky streaks of natto onto one’s hands and the table. How to eat natto video.


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