Japanese Game Show Virus Hits USA

japan-game-show-montage-lg.jpgI Survived a Japanese Game Show“, has begun taping in Japan. US broadcaster ABC-TV says the new, unscripted program features “10 Americans — many of whom have never traveled outside the United States — who are whisked away to Japan and compete in the ultimate Japanese game show … with hilarious results.”


Tony Sano, a U.S. actor fluent in Japanese hosts the show, with his “Mamasan” sidekick. A third host, Rome Kanda focuses on the events.

ABC says the results and prizing will be determined by “who best adapts to Japanese culture and the challenges in each episode.” The surviving stunt contestant wins USD $250,000. The program debuts in Prime Time (9-10 p.m. EDT) June 24, 2008.


Some of the games/challenges will include:

Why is this food so hard to eat? — Why? Because the food is attached to the head of a teammate who must run in place on a fast-moving treadmill, while the first teammate leans over a platform and tries to eat from the moving dish.

Crazy Crane Finds Fluffy Bear — This takes the American arcade game to the next level, as blindfolded teammates must operate a moving crane while another teammate precariously dangles trying to collect as many stuffed animals as he/she can.

Chicken Butt Scramble — The contestants create their own version of Japanese scrambled eggs as they attempt to smash goo-filled oversized eggs with only their butts… while wearing chicken suits.

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