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To attract interest from homemakers and young women, and to improve its image, the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force is publishing navy recipes on its website.

The MSDF is posting recipes for two dishes each week. Recipes for Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes that are served in the navy are being revealed.

The original recipes serve 100 people, so the MSDF had to work out recipes for four servings.

Curry is a MSDF favorite, and it has 60 curry recipes. A MSDF tradition is to eat curry rice on the weekends, to remind the ship crew what day it is.


The first curry recipe was released on January 1, 2008. The recipe includes barbecue sauce, minced white peach and a milk-like beverage.

An official of the Maritime Staff Office’s public relations office said it would be good if dishes made by the public based on the recipes helped start up conversations about the MSDF over dinner.

msdf-sm.jpg rice-pilaf.jpgginger-pork.jpg

Photos clockwise from top: MSDF Website; crab rice pilaf; ginger pork. FULL STORY

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