Fukuda Tie or Not?

People talk about following the Cool Biz rules.Japan’s annual “Cool Biz” energy-saving campaign began June 1, 2008.

The fashion campaign was initiated in 2005 by former Japan environment minister Yuriko Koike. She argued that by getting men out of suits, office building air conditioning thermostats could be raised to 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) and would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. story

Now, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda leads the way in no-tie short-sleeve work attire. Or does he?

The 71-year-old prime minister seems reluctant to give up that necktie. Asked how he will dress when the campaign starts this year, Fukuda, on May 27 said “I don’t want to look shabby. But there is no need to go against the trend.”

Prime Minister Fukuda tie examples.Japan former Prime Minister Abe and Koizumi tieless.

Cool Biz Photos

Cool Biz Japan advertising.

CoolBiz site

Advertisement Men’s clothes Cool Biz.Government employees in Japan in Cool Biz clothing.Bank 18 employees in Cool Biz attire.Employees in the Japan Environmental Ministry kick off the 2008 Cool Biz season June 2 (left); Kyoto bank (above).

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Speech by H.E. Mr Yasuo Fukuda, Prime Ministerat the Japan Press Club (E)

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