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Strange Stolen Stuff

Firefly lightning bug hotaru Japanese.FUSSA – Fireflies flying around Fussa are being stolen, prompting careful counting by neighborhod-watch patrols. Fussa’s Hotaru Koen (firefly park), in the western suburbs of Tokyo, is famous for its fireflies. The annual Fussa Firefly Festival in mid-June attracts tens of thousands of people.

Usually 200-to-300 lightning bugs could be seen at the park.

Only 50 fireflies were counted the night after the 2008 festival, down from about 250 the day before. Signs are posted to warn against theft, and the bug’s cages have been reinforced.

Fussa, Japan firefly park.Restaurants and hotels in Japan offer genji firefly-viewing menus during the summer months.

According to the operator of an online store selling fireflies on the internet, an adult firefly can sell for up to 300 yen and larva, 400 yen. The store’s clients include hotels, restaurants, temples and TV stations.
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Corgi dog in Japan.NAGOYA – A man stole a corgi dog from its owner due to loneliness. The perpetrator admitted he took the dog.”I was lonely, so I wanted to have a dog,” he said. The man, 43, had stolen another dog from the victim three years ago, according to local police. The 53-year-old owner said the corgi, worth about 10,000 yen, was taken from his home. source (e) (j)

Peaches Picked Quick

Japanese Hakuto white peaches Mitsukoshi department store 10000 yen.Japanese peaches covered by hand in orchard.TOKYO – About 5,000 peaches were stolen overnight June 23 from an orchard in Ubaguchi village, Yamanashi prefecture. It’s believed a gang of thieves were involved in order to harvest so many in a short time. The pricey peach, known as “hanayome,” or “bride” peach, is a special large, white variety that is often given to newlyweds as a gift for good luck. source

Nice Flour Thieves Return Useful Company Truck

HIGASHIMATSUYAMA, Saitama — More than two tons of flour was stolen from a wholesale company’s warehouse in Higashimatsuyama, about 50 kilometers north of Tokyo. At around 2 a.m. July 10, an employee of Nikkoku Seifun Co.’s distribution center in Higashimatsuyama discovered ninety 25-kilo bags of flour were missing.
Flour stolen Japan NHK TV video screen capture.Flour stolen warehouse Japan NHK TV video screen capture.

Investigators believe a Nikkoku Seifun truck parked inside the distribution center was used by the thief to transport the flour, and then the truck was returned to the warehouse. According to the truck’s odometer, the vehicle had traveled an additional 8 kilometers after being parked for the day.

Police suspect the stolen flour will be resold as flour prices have been rising sharply in recent months. source

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