Fashionable Flu Filtering Face Masks From Japan

Stylish Masks Cool, Steam, and Fit Lips and Noses
High tech flu face mask in Japan Flu masks worldwide.

news item – Slowly but surely, swine flu continued to spread Friday, including to the ranks of the United States military, and across the globe the number of confirmed cases rose from 257 to 331, the World Health Organization in Geneva reported.(New York Times, May 1, 2009 )


Blue surgical-style face masks are being worn by millions around the world in an effort to prevent contracting the swine flu H1N1 virus. In Japan, masks are a common sight anytime people are suffering from a cold, hay fever or other allergies.
Plain blue flu mask. Styles of flu and virus masks in Japan.Japanese idol wears face mask to fight flu and allergies.
The world news reporting of the global swine flu situation indicates the wearing of masks in places other than hospitals is rather uncommon. Japanese have years of experience with mask-wearing, and we’ve gathered the best mask fashions. Choose from the nose-fit models, the form-fitting model with wire, the masks that won’t fog up your glasses, the designer masks, the menthol masks, the tea-filter masks, the masks that feel like a steam facial, and the masks that look like bra cups. Now you can fight the flu in style!
Flu face mask in Japan with cooling steam effect and Healon. Japanese nonstick hay fever face mask easy to peel off lipstick.Mask with nose pad and anti-fogging treatment for glasses wearers.Japanese mask fights flu with wet filter and comfortable nose cushion


Form fitting face mask in Japan Face mask with perfect fit on nose. Mask fight allergy and flu with special louvers. Omega-size wide pleats face mask for smaller faces, women in Japan



Pokemon pocket monsters flu and virus mask in Japan Plain cotton virus face mask in JapanFace mask in Japan with nose guard also will not steam glasses Face mask in Japan fits perfectly at chin and nose


Face mask in Japan perfect fit disposable Face mask in Japan for ladies pink color with pleats Face mask in Japan with menthol flavor


Face mask in Japan embedded with green tea filterFace mask in Japan embedded with green tea filter


Designer fashion fabric face mask in JapanDesigner fashion fabric face mask in Japan Face mask in Japan decorate with stickers Face mask in Japan decorated with sticker seals Face mask in Japan decorated with sticker seals


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