Famous Castle in Rice Paddy

Himeji castle in rice aerial paddy photo

Rice planted in June has grown into a likeness of Himeji Castle. Eight varieties of rice that would sprout in differing colors were used in the 90-by-180-meter rice field in Yumesaki village in Hyogo Prefecture. Designed as a tourist attraction, the castle image can be see from a ropeway on a nearby mountain.Himeji castle planting rice paddy art 02-b
Himeji castle planting rice paddy art 03Himeji rice paddy art design layout

The seedlings were positioned by about 1,100 people dressed in traditional attire. The rice castle image will become imperceptible by mid-September.

Himeji castle in rice planning 01Himeji castle in rice water 02Himeji rice castle aerial rice paddy CU.

Himeji castle in rice paddy med.Himeji castle in rice mascot aerial paddy.

Sayo-chi; Yumekoubou
Rice-planting ceremonies; Himeji Tourism; Himeji

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