Crocs Sandals Scarier Than You Thought

Crocs Japan Escalator Safety NoticeStay Behind The Yellow Line

Crocs sandals may sometimes get snagged in escalators in Japan and cause toe injuries, but other Crocs troubles have arisen.

After several reports of Crocs-related escalator accidents in Japan, in April 2008, the Japan Ministry of  Economy, Tade and Industry asked Tokyo-based Crocs Asia Pte Ltd. to change the sandals‘ materials and designs.

The ministry says 65 accidents were reported since May 2007.

In late July, 2008, the Niwot, Colorado-based Crocs said it had begun phasing-in tags about escalator safety that will be attached to the shoes. There was no indication whether the notice from Japan was a factor in the Croc’s decision.

Crocs sandal damaged in escalatorThe hang-tags state in part:
* Stand facing forward in the center of the step
* Step on and off carefully
* Do not touch sides below handrail
* Avoid the sides of the steps where shoe entrapment can occur
* Supervise children at all times

Croc-cidents  Around The World

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has documented 77 soft shoe entrapments on escalators since January 2006.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is cautioning travellers to be aware of shoe entrapment on escalators. At least three children have experienced “Croc-cidents” at the airport since June 2008. In response, a 35-second Crocs-caution announcement is broadcast in the airport every five minutes.

Crocs have been banned in some hospitals in the US, Canada, UK, Vienna, and at east one hospital in Sweden, because static builds up in the clogs and could interfere with precision electronic equipment, or even spark an explosion. Pittsburgh’s Mercy Hospital prohibits Crocs, saying accidentally dropped syringes might fall into ventilation holes on the shoes.

But will Crocs be able to complete it’s warning tag plan? It seems Crocs sales have stagnated. Company officials say second-quarter earnings net income dropped more than 95 percent from the same period last year. photos: Crocs escalator warning


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