Crime-Fighting Vending Machine

Coke machine guards park

Coca Cola vending machine similar to toy robot from 1960sA new vending machine has a built-in direct phone line to the police department, an alarm buzzer, a 24-hour video-recording surveillance camera, and a revolving red light on top.

"The "Help Vending Machine" was provided by Coca Cola in cooperation with the Aichi prefectural police. The machine is  located in Iwata Athletic park in Toyohashi, 250 kilometers south of Nagoya, Japan. Toyohashi was selected because of an increase in crimes since August 2008.  

The phone in the vending machine automatically dials 110 when the special front door of the machine is opened, the handset is picked up, or the button to activate the flashing light is pushed. The warning buzzer triggers when the door is opened, and the red light begins rotating. The video camera starts recording as a person approaches the machine.

Japanese children use the Coke vending machine police hotlineA woman test the Coca Cola emergency vending machine phone in Japan

Police believe the machine will deter crimes and aid reporting of suspicious activity.
Police did not comment on the resemblance of the crime detector machine to Chief Robotman.

news source: 47 News (J); Asahi (J). History of robot tin toys made in Japan.


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