Commuter-Created Electricity Powers Holiday Lights

Footstep power generation mat at Shibuya station Tokyo JapanPeople are producing electricity by walking across a special panel on the plaza outside Shibuya train station in Tokyo.

The Shibuya Ward government installed the 90-square-centimeter 2.5-centimeter thick piezoelectric mat near the Hachiko dog statue at Shibuya station. Electricity is created when people step on the mat.

The people-power runs an electronic Light Emitting Diode display board in the plaza which continuously updates the total amount of electricity generated. A small holiday lights display is also powered by the footstep-generated electricity. The floor panel can withstand light rain but is not completely waterproof. The special mat will remain until Dec. 25.
Commuters walking create electricity Shibuya station Tokyo JapanElectricity produced by footsteps on special mat at Shibuya station Tokyo Japan


The "power generation floor" was developed by Soundpower Corp. The Soundpower website indicates rental options for various sizes and versions of the panels for research and educational purposes. According to the website, the panels installed at Shibuya station can be rented for JPY 50000.  photos: ASCII; Soundpower

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