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The top ten booms in Japan now.

Fashionable forest girl boom in Japan. Mascot boom in Tokai region of Japan.


Forest girl boom. Fashion inspired by Anne of Green Gables. For your fashion life in the forest.

Tokai region local government mascot character boom. More than 30 municipalities in Tokai have mascot characters.
Tomehane Suzuri High School Calligraphy Club NHK TV show in JapanTome ha ne Suzuri High School Calligraphy Club NHK TV show in Japan


Calligraphy boom
Influenced by "Tomehane Suzuri High School Calligraphy Club" TV show on NHK-TV. Click here to try NHK calligraphy.

Joggers enjoy running boom in Japan Japan is Eco Friendly with Green living Castles are popular attractions now in Japan.


Running boom
A survey by Sasakawa Sports Foundation indicates the number of runners who ran two times or more during the week increased from 2.15 million in 2006 (the previous survey year) to 2.48 million according to the 2008 survey.

Eco boom
Japanese follow the green theme, from carbon offset mindfulness, recycling clothes, and shorter showers, to eco-cars and eco-bags.

Castle boom
Influenced by "Taiga" historical stories TV series on NHK-TV.
Sakamoto Ryouma samurai ronin in Japan history Sakamoto Ryoma ronin in Japan


Sakamoto Ryouma boom
Includes TV programs, books, movies, tours, fairs, restaurant menus, and ramen. The ronin Sakamoto led movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the Bakumatsu period.
Samurai armor on display (3)
History boom
Inspired by television quiz programs featuring questions about Japan history.

Quiet life boom
Leading a slower-paced, low-stress life. Volunteerism, continuing education, personal growth, cultural pursuits, and contribution to society. Also includes leaving big cities to start a farm in rural Japan. (related:  Slow food life.)


Fried chicken boom
Started in Oita and is now spreading across Japan. More chicken is consumed in Oita Prefecture than any other prefecture in Japan.

Fried chicken is specialty of Oita prefecture Japan


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