Battle of black buns: Burger King vs. McDonald’s in Japan

Ikasumi squid ink colors lots of foods long time in Japan


McDonald's ikasumi burger with squid ink color in Japan McDonald's ikasumi burger advertising poster in Japan A McDonald’s double cheeseburger that has black buns, and is topped with fried onions, yellow chipotle sauce and yellow cheddar cheese will go on sale at all McDonald’s Japan stores October 8. The special "Ikasumi Burger", colored black with squid ink, is available now at 3 McDonald’s outlets in Tokyo. The contrasting yellow ingredients on a black bun is intended to be a Halloween color scheme.

McDonald’s is also offering its Chicken Fileo on a white bun topped with Camembert sauce.

Mcdonald’s advertising suggests the white burger is a ghost and the black burger represents a black cat or a witch. Both items sell for JPY 370.


Burger King black burger whopper kuro burger Japan Burger King in Japan began selling an all-black "Kuro burger" in early September. The Kuro Diamond Whopper sells for JPY 690, and the Kuro Pearl for JPY 480.

A variety of ika sumi foods can be found at some stores, restaurants and bakeries in Japan. Many recipes for ink-inspired foods are available online.


Ika sumi boom in 2004


Squid ink blackened ika sumi potato chips in Japan


During the 2004 ika sumi fad, foods dyed with squid ink included ramen, rice, pasta, yaki soba noodles, sausage, gyoza chinese dumplings, octopus balls, jumbo garlic bread, donuts, gelato, bagels, curry bread, salsa, steamed Chinese buns, cheese, soup, cake, cookies, ice cream, potato chips, salt and pretzels.


Squid ink blackened ika sumi yaki soba in Japan Black yaki soba noodles in Japan made with squid ink sumi yaki soba in Japan


Black bagel in Japan made with squid ink ikasumi Black garlic bread in Japan made with squid ink ikasumi Cookie in Japan made with squid ink ikasumi


Black curry with beef tendon in Japan cooked in squid ink ikasumi Squid ink curry ikasumi Japanese


Japanese squid ink curry donut Squid ink curry bun pan bread Japan Squid ink salt Japan


Black squid ink gyoza in  Japan Squid ink chinese gyoza dumpling in  Japan


Squid ink nikuman Chinese steamed bun in  Japan Japanese squid ink ramen noodles Japanese squid ink soup ikasumi


Japanese squid ink soup gyoza Chinese dumplings Japanese squid ink rice ikasumi


Ice cream with squid ink in Japan squid ink gelato ikasumi Roll cake made with squid ink in Japan


Japanese squid ink sauce salsa Japanese squid ink pasta Japanese ikasumi dried squid ink squid strips


Japanese squid ink sausage


Japanese squid ink octopus balls tako yaki in Japan


Possible new squid ink foods coming soon in Japan

Fake squid ink foods in Japan


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