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Maternity mark video describes badges for moms in Tokyo.Japan airlines JAL baby badge buttonMaternity marks are desirable in Japan. The so-called "maternity mark" tags and buttons worn by expectant mothers alert bystanders to their condition. Japan Airlines now offers maternity mark tags to pregnant women flying domestic routes.

JAL is the first airline in Japan to offer the baby-in-belly tag. In 2006East Japan Railway Company, Tokyo Metro, and 14 other Kanto railways began offering "There is a baby in my stomach" badges to rail and subway commuters.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Healthy Parent and Child 21”  plan is designed to achieve a pregnant-friendly environment, which also includes the workplace environment and passive smoking prevention. Some local governments have issued their own "baby inside" buttons and badges.

The baby badges are intended to make it easier for passersby to know that a woman is pregnant. And there is a helpful video about baby badges on the Japan Cabinet Office  website.

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As a public service, Lets Japan offers these 3 original alert-badge ideas for Japan. (Anger Inside; I Am Pervert ; Pacemaker Put In)

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