Article Clearance! All 2008 Ideas Must Go!

We’re cleaning out last year’s article ideas to make room for the 2009 story ideas! At Lets Japan, we pass on the story savings to you! These fully functional fascinating fragments are our year-end gift to you, our valued viewers.
Lincoln Continental car in Tokyo.


This 1976 Lincoln Continental was parked in my neighborhood in September. Finding streets wide enough for access takes pre-trip planning. But there are Japanese fans of big American cars. This annual car show is held in Fussa in October.American classic old cars in Fussa, Japan auto show. Classic American cars in Fussa, Japan.

Japan Prime Minister Taro Aso’s after work adventures and the example he sets for kids.

Soybean-flour bread, Soy Joy snack food, and The Joy of Soy – Tastes Great, Less Cancer!

They ever find the person who chopped down the pansies and the tulips?

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